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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is a strategic priority and core value for the USTA. Diversity allows us to touch "All of America" and Inclusion allows "All of America" to touch us.

Embracing diversity and encouraging multicultural outreach efforts is essential to achieving the USTA Southwest Section's mission to grow the sport of tennis, and be understanding and representative of all who seek to have a voice in our organization. We are committed to fostering a tennis environment that is more inclusive and inviting to all people across all of our programs and platforms.

In support of USTA and USTA Southwest Section goals, USTA-SAZ is focusing on two goals:

   Ensure that diversity initiatives are an embedded component of all USTA-SAZ committee actions plans

·        Include diversity-related articles and information on main website, diversity/inclusion web pages, SAZ general membership newsletter

·        Include something in the League Newsletter about diversity and w/c tennis

·        Develop tip sheet for SAZ Board and Committee Chairs regarding diversity representation and inclusion

·        Work with Marketing Committee to strategize infusing diversity and inclusion into their work