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Saddlebrooke 6.0 Super Senior Ladies Team Wins Nationals!

May 2, 2010 04:32 AM
champsGeri Sandiland's 6.0 Super Senior Team went to Nationals and came back National Champions!  When asked about the experience Geri said,
"There were quite a few SB residents that came to support us... that was great.  As a team, we had fun putting together the gifts for our opponents... saguaro or chili pepper kitchen cloths with Tucson, AZ pins and stainless steel water bottles donated from Robson. 
The camaraderie was fabulous! 
First match... split courts... Court three didn't win one game in the first set... came back to stave off 3 match points  in 2nd set to win 7 - 5 and then win the 10 pt tiebreak  11 - 9... yeow!!!  Two court win....
Tx was so steady... ball always came back... it was a test of patience and trying not to press hard to create anything that wasn't there.
Hawaii.... they looked in their 30's ... good grief....  one of our players got physically/ tummy sick and managed to hang in there even in the loss   7 - 6      7 - 5
Mo & I played 3rd court and got off to watch others... 
 Court 2 had won the first set and were down 1 - 4, but came back to win 7 -5 for the 2 court win......  Captain's heart attack for sure.
My heart sank a bit when I heard we were to play New England in the semis.... they have won many National titles at many levels...    Had to walk it off before encouraging the team.   That was the match as far as we were concerned for the National title....  2 10 pt tiebreaks in court 2 & 3.....  Mo & I were down the whole time until 8 -8... and pulled it out   10 -8......  
Karen & Rebecca were up 6 - 2 when the other team started to come back.... Rebecca went up to Karen and said "unless we have a heart attack, we're pulling this out"  AND they did.......  onto the finals an hour later.
The Hawaii (Big Island) team were the nicest ladies... we actually had a fun/focus match.  How unusual to be 'kidding' on the court, but that what happend to Mo & I....
The captain of this team brought flowers from Hawaii for allllllll the 6.0 captains that were there.......  16 bunches."