» Rules and Regulations




1.04A Changing Adult 40 & Over format for National Championships to 1singles and 3 doubles. Conforming changes to the following regulations include: 

1.04D(4):   Team size for 40 & Over = min. 7

2.01A(1)b, c, e, f:  + League compliance

2.03A(5):  Min. # of players on 40 & Over = 7 for National Champs 

2.03D:  Format at Section 7 below option 

2.03E:  Team match & scoring @ National Champs 

2.03H(2)e:  Tie Break procedure 

2.03K:  Allowable Team Defaults, 40 & Over = 1 default 

3.03B(3)a:  Grievance procedure for below level players on + leagues


1.04E(3) Players must be 18 years of age prior to participating in the USTA League program.

1.04F Clarifying language regarding players re-entering leagues with expired NTRP ratings.

1.04F(1)e Added language for regarding self-rated players whose profile changes after having filled out their profile.  If there is a change in their playing experience the player may appeal their rating up at that time OR they may be promoted by the Sectional Coordinator.

2.01A Below level players are not allowed to play #1 positions when participating in plus (+) level matches.

2.03A(4) Eligibility to advance to National Championships for self-rated and computer-rated appealed players requires playing at least four (4) matches on the same team at the same level in the same Age Group. No defaults received count.

2.03E Sectional Associations may use alternate scoring methods to determine championship winners.

2.03H Sectional Associations may determine the order of tie-break procedures for their championships; tie-break procedures for National Championships are clarified.

2.03K The Championship Committee has the authority to file a grievance when match default(s) given by a team has a material impact on the Championship’s standings. 



  1. Starting in 2020, Southwest Section will conform to the new National Adult 40 & Over League team format consisting of 1 singles and 3 doubles, including all conforming changes listed above.

  2. Starting in 2020, NO Early Start League players who were moved up at Year End to a higher level than their Early Start League level of play shall qualify to advance to Championship level play (i.e. Local League Playoffs, Sectionals, or Nationals).  As per national regulations, this rule does NOT APPLY to the 2.5 LEVEL, with the exception of individual 2.5 players whose year-end rating has reached the clearly above level or has been DQ'd by their dynamics.

  3. Starting in 2020, NTRP tournament results will be calculated in Year End Computer Ratings.

  4. Self-Rated Players will have to have at least 4 matches played with no defaults counting in order to advance to Sectionals.